Brand new and very cool client website coming up very soon!

A site for online music classes with top class teachers.
Includes online booking, payment and the highest rated video conferencing tool online.
About a month until full launch!

4 Global Awards for Excellence in Creative Visual Marketing

Created as part of a year long marketing campaign for a local shopping centre, 4 direct mailers were sent out to a primary market of around 28,000 people.

While the average response to direct mail is around 4.4%, each part of this campaign received between 9 and 14% resulting in a year of contest entries and an improved database of customer information.

New digital artwork: "Wake Up and Smell the Cosmos"

There is always lots of talk about the power of visuals in all forms of communications.
This is simple proof that it is true. It would take a lot of words to say what this picture says.

An original image, created in about an hour, just for fun, and to prove a point.

Click to see the larger version.

A giant leap beyond Instagram and simple digital pictures.

When the project calls for a one of a kind image that visually illustrates the exact point of the message, Advanced Digital Imaging is the way to go. 

I am a wizard in Photoshop. Whatever you can imagine, we can do. 
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